I was born in Tokyo in 1982.  Since I was little my whole life has been ballet. When I was seventeen I joined the national ballet company in Tokyo and in 2009 I came to London to join English National Ballet and danced for seven years. Due to a back injury I had to quit dancing in early 2017. But I saw it was a chance to do something completely different and so I decided to change my career for my other passion - cooking! My parents used to run a French restaurant in Tokyo and my passion for cooking has been passed down from them. Combining my love for Japan, my love for the U.K., my love for cooking and my love for seeing people eating my food the answer seemed obvious -to open my own Japanese food stall!


  I moved to Bristol because I LOVE Bristol. I used to perform at the Bristol Hippodrome every year and every time when I came herel I loved the people and the culture. I have never been able to choose where to live in my life due to my ballet career but finally now I can choose where I want to be!


My Donburi is a casual Japanese dish. You might not see it at a Michelin star restaurant but you will see Donburi everywhere and every day in Japan. I want to introduce real Japanese food to the streets of Bristol and hope to briefly transport you to Japan when you come to my stall and eat my Donburi!

Who's the Don?